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Welcome! Thanks for visiting our website. We’re excited to invite you to participate in the Voices of Hope Student Video Festival.


Our goal is to showcase the struggles and resiliency of youth in Maine. Do you have a story to share about life during Covid, school stress, mental health challenges (Substance Use Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, ADD, PTSD, etc.), bullying, abuse, facing adversity due to your identity, or any other issues?  We’d love to hear about how you deal with life’s challenges. If you’re not comfortable sharing about yourself, you could work with a young person to help them tell their story.


You don’t need video production experience to participate. In fact, it can be as simple as conducting an interview, or performing an original song, and recording it on an iPhone.


If you’d like to be anonymous, you can get creative by using metaphors, puppets, actors, animation, etc. If the creator, or anyone in the video, doesn’t want to be identified, we will work with you to protect everyone’s privacy.


Finalists will have their submissions shared virtually, as part of the Voices of Hope Student Video Festival, via a link on this website. Some entries may be included in the documentary series Voices of Hope…The Rugged Road to Recovery, to be aired on Maine Public Television in the spring.


If you’d like technical help, or just need to talk out ideas, let us know. We want to help you make the process manageable and fun! If you are planning to participate, we’d love to hear from you. Please send any questions or comments to: voicesofhope.ep@gmail.com.


Eligibility: Maine students, working individually or as a team

Submit By: April 15th


We would appreciate your help in spreading the word about the festival. Please consider sharing this flier with anyone who may be interested in participating including family, friends, colleagues, etc.

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