We want to thank these brave individuals who publicly shared their stories in an effort to better explain Substance Use Disorder

Featured Guests

Justin Reid, PRCC Statewide Recovery Coordinator, Scarborough High School, 2001
Molly Ramirez, DayOne Recovery Coach, Freeport High School, 2014
Kelby Doyle, Teacher, formerly Liberty Bay Recovery, South Portland High School, 2016
Brittany Reichmann, ME Assoc. of Recovery Residences, Windham High School, 2007
Chris Packhem, Finance Director, Tufts Medical,  Scarborough High School, 2006
Eric Girard, Executive Director, The Family Restored, Danvers High School, MA, 2002
Brianna Boucher, Windham High School, 2021
Ariel Emerson, Thornton Academy
Brendan Richardson, Westbrook HS, 2014
Olivia Richards, Biddeford HS
Shawn Adams
Cotey Provencher,  Served by Operation HOPE
Margo Walsh, Founder, MaineWorks
Joseph Jackson, Founder, Maine Inside/Out

Zoo Cain, Artist

Bobby Sheehan, Attendant to Supervisor

Kirk Carlsen, Milestone Recovery Housing Specialist

Rianna Tuttle-Hartzell

Joshua Warren

Will Clark

David Recore

Robert Simpson

David Sanborn

Jason MacKenzie

Jarrod Jamieson

Amanda Kurlanski, Portland High School, 2006

Jess Lewin

dee Clarke, Founder, Survivor Speak USA

Courtney Allen

Courtney Bass, Outreach Worker, Milestone HOME Team

Brooks Ross, Outreach Worker, Milestone HOME Team

Adam, Outreach Worker, Milestone HOME Team

Catherine Ann Wilson, Founder, Stop Trafficking US

Rosalina Valazuela

Jillian Mullen

Matt Baker, Sergeant, Oxford County Sheriffs Dept.
Dave & Shelly Yankowsky

Khloe & Hayden Yankowsky

Kaleigh Russell

Oliver Bradeen, Executive Director, Milestone Recovery

Ed & Karen Walsh

Mary Grove

Don & Jini Harrington

Jeff & Sue Leighton

Leslie Clark, Executive Director of Portland Recovery Community Center

Pastor Jeff Logan, Grace Street Ministry

Madeline Logan

Kimmy, Mark, Vern, Joe, Jimmy – Streets of Portland

Chris Brown, Sanford Police Department

Nicole Root, Sanford Police Department

Travis Belleard, Sanford Police Department

Jeremy Riddle, Sanford Police Department

Tim DeHaven, Sanford Police Department

Marshal Davis, Sanford Police Department

Craig Andersen, Chief, Sanford Police Department

Mark Dyer, Sanford Police Department

Colleen Adams, Sanford Police Department

Tim Strout, Sanford Police Department

Eric Small, Sanford Police Department

Jason Champlin, Sanford Police Department

Gary Cray, Sanford Police Department