Episodes are added  after each initial broadcast. 

Episode 1

“In the Beginning, I Liked It.”

Episode 1 introduces a cast of young people who recount how using substances in their teens initially “worked
for them”. Whether they were fitting in and partying with other friends, dulling the pain caused by trauma, or
just experimenting, their early experiences were mostly positive. Medical experts discuss the impact on the
brain from early use of drugs and alcohol.

Episode 2

“The Slippery Slope.”


Episode 2 follows our cast as they explain how drug and alcohol use began to rule their lives. Additional
medical experts are introduced to discuss the onset of addiction and how basic brain functioning begins to
“hardwire” the attachment to the chemical substances.

Episode 3

“Descending into Darkness.”


Our cast discusses their full-scale addiction, hitting “rock bottom” and initial attempts at recovery. The role
that genetics plays in addiction is explored. DayOne, a recovery house for teenage girls, is featured as one
alternative for young girls in need of treatment.

Episode 4

“12 Steps to Recovery”

Our cast returns to explain their numerous attempts at recovery and repeated relapses. Relapse is discussed
in detail as a likely component to any recovery program. Individual recovery stories discuss 12 step programs
and other important factors helpful in furthering the potential for recovery and personal transformation.

Episode 5

“Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT).”


Operation HOPE, a drug treatment referral program managed by Scarborough Police Department in
Scarborough, Maine is featured. Medical experts and recovered patients discuss their recovery experience
and use of prescription drugs to ease their recovery.

Episode 6

“Impact on Families”


Two families discuss losing children to overdose and their trauma having been closely exposed to their kid’s
loss of control and descent into desperation, despair, and ultimate death. A medical expert discusses the
family dynamics of grief and loss. A third family is also shown, featuring a 17- year-old who personally
discovers the overdose deaths of both parents in a 5-month span.